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We’ve all been there before. We want to give back to our community but don’t know where to start. Your donation will make a difference in your community.

Our Community Hall Needs Your Help!

As you may know, The Hampton Community Association is comprised of elected and non-elected members who organize, plan and run events in Hampton to provide an opportunity for families and individuals to build a comradery within the community in which we live. The Hampton Community Hall is a central gathering place not only for The Hampton Community Association but also for the community where many events and meetings are held. Some of the events run by The Hampton Community Association provide an opportunity to fundraise in an effort to maintain the Village (gardens, etc), and to ensure we have the monetary reserves to support the maintenance and logistics of the Hampton Community Hall.

You no doubt realize the need to have a safe and updated space for our Community to meet and host events. The Hampton Community Association has made the Hall Kitchen Renovation our first main priority so we can continue to safely and effectively serve the residents of Hampton. The renovation goal has been successfully reached and we thank everyone involved as we now have one of the most beautiful kitchens in the community hall for everyone to enjoy.

OUR NEXT FINAL GOAL IS TO PURCHASE AC COOLING SYSTEM at the Hall. Our community hall gets quite warm inside during summer days, with no air circulation can be hot some days.

Given we are a not-for-profit with limited funds generated mostly by our events, rentals, and donations, we are asking for your help in reaching this lofty goal so that we can purchase the AC Cooling Unit which would be installed by HVAC Technician. We can provide further details should you be interested in supporting the community with this project. Please help us reach the goal by attending our fundraiser events and by providing a donation.

The Hampton Community Association would be grateful for your donation. We will publicly thank all donors, thank you for your consideration.


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Contact one of our Board Members if you would like make a cash or cheque donation, or simply send us email and one of us will contact you.

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We have donation jar set up at Hampton General Store.

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Our Fundraising Events is another way to give back to your community by attending or participating in our fundraising events.

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